Wine Service 101

Wine Service 101 is a crash course package aimed at service staff with little or no previous experience of alcoholic beverages and provides an introduction to wine theory and service.

The package consists of the following two modules, taught over one full day and one-half day at a reduced fee of R2500.00 or 2500 Somm Points if taken in combination.

101 Wine & Alcoholic Beverages 1

8 hours

R1725/1725 Somm Points

Wine & Alcoholic Beverages 1 gives an introduction into wine and wine production along with an overview of other alcoholic beverages, cr

eating a good foundation for beverage service. There is no specific experience or qualifications required to take the course.

102 Fundamentals of Beverage Service

4 hours

R1150/1150 Somm Points

Fundamentals of Beverage Service covers the practical wine service standards expected to be handled by a professional serving wine and other beverages within a hospitality environment. In order to fully benefit from the lecturing, some theoretical knowledge in line with Somm 101’s Wine & Alcoholic Beverages 1 is recommended.

The training is validated by an examination, all participants receive a certificate of participation or successful completion. More detailed information and course curriculum are available on request.

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Wine Service 101 Lecture
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