Advanced Beverage Service

Advanced Beverage Service

16 hours

R3795/3795 Somm Points

Advanced Beverage Service incorporates the SASA Level 1 Junior Sommelier Course, constructed by the South African Sommelier Association in order to standardize wine service within the South African hospitality industry. It is recommended that the candidate has a minimum of 2 years experience working on the floor and possesses a basic but broad knowledge of food together with a theoretical beverage knowledge equivalent to Somm 101’s Wine & Alcoholic Beverages 2 in order to fully benefit from the course.

The course content is taught over a period of two days, followed by the third day of the examination, hosted independently by SASA.

The course covers the basic elements of wine service that is expected to be handled comfortably by any hospitality professional in that role by international standards, it is intended to be a natural progression for a waiter wishing to develop his/her skills.

Previous knowledge required

The student is strongly recommended to have previous or current experience as a waiter/waitress before attending the course and some theoretical knowledge on wine equivalent to WSET Level 2 in order to benefit fully and be able to pass the examination.

  1. Subjects
    1. Introduction
      1. Purpose of the course
      2. History, purpose and career path of a sommelier
    2. Service preparations
      1. Setup for service
      2. Glassware
      3. Stock
    3. Wine service
      1. Tray service
      2. Bottle service
    4. Presentation
      1. Equipment
      2. Wine list
      3. Serving order
    5. Customer service
      1. Service etiquette
      2. Recommending
      3. Complaints
      4. Language
    6. Product training
      1. Faults
      2. Food and beverage in combination


Event Timeslots (5)

Advanced Beverage Service
Stellenbosch - 22 & 23 May 2019

Advanced Beverage Service
Johannesburg - 4 & 5 June 2019

Advanced Beverage Service
Stellenbosch - 11th June - Day 1

Advanced Beverage Service
Stellenbosch - 14th June - Day 2

Advanced Beverage Service
Port Elizabeth 23 & 24 July 2019

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